‘I’m not proud to be Canadian: Have I broken any new IOC laws?’ HARTNELL asks HARPER






Brad Cran, the principled Vancouver Poet Laureate who castigated the draconian curtailments of free expression by VANOC and the IOC during the so-called ‘Cultural Olympiad,’ and then removed himself from any of the events, mentioned the late great Anglo-Canadian anarchist writer George Woodcock in his jeremiad at Vancouver Verse [see link in Comments below].

Woodcock was a friend of another famous English writer that called himself ‘George Orwell’, that being Eric Blair.

Both were passionate defenders of free speech against the constant threats it faces from totalitarian governments, whether of the right, the left or the centre.

Now in Canada the common wisdom is that to win election in this middle-class country, one must find the mythical centrist voters, the so-called ‘moderates,’ and only by doing this can one’s party be assured of electoral victory.

Both the so-called ‘Conservatives’ and the so-called ‘Liberals’ propagate this myth that they are the real Canadian ‘moderate’ or ‘centrist’ parties representing the best interests of the Canadian people.

If the current glut of wasteful unaccounntable spending on these unholy Games is the best one can expect from a supposedly ‘moderate’ or ‘centrist Canadian Conservative’ goverment, one wonders what distinguishes these ‘Canadian’ and ‘Conservative’ Games from those recently held in Communist China?

Same bunch of international gangstas (IOC) operating in the same obnoxious manner, as far as this Pacifican is concerned.

No accountability whatsoever, in fact, the exact opposite.

Every time Rogge or Furlong open their mouths they spout lies.

So, no, Mr. Harper, I am not proud to be a Canadian when your government wages unjust war against Afghanistan, and condones and hides torture there.

I am not proud that you bullied the pushover Governor General twice into shutting Parliament when it best suited your personal agenda.

I am not proud that the streets of this once great country are littered with thousands of  desperate mentally ill and addicted people, improperly housed, and condemned to a nightmare existence of petty crime, police and court records, unemployment, homelessness and premature death… all while you crazed and hardhearted hawkish jocks have your obscene and creepy sport cult bachanale.

Doping athletes, posturing politicians with hands full of free tickets paid for by taxpayers who can’t afford the folly themselves, pimps and prostitutes flying in from all points, and the  imperious IOC dictating to all governments through its local proxy gangsta outfit called VANOC.

There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

It makes me ashamed to be a ‘Canadian.’


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, taxpayer



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