Stephen Harper with a little help from his friend Rich Coleman: proud to be Masonic IOC’s Canadian Afghan war hawks

Rich Coleman might as well shut up while he is ahead, because with his highly aggressive and frankly belligerent style of throwing irrelevant questions back into the face of international reporters asking him embarrassing questions about poverty and homelessness in this province these days, he is doing more harm than good.

Andrew McLeod reports at the Tyee on how Mr. Coleman rudely attacks reporters and thus brings shame and discredit to all he purports to serve [see link to the Tyee website in Comments below].

After his stint in politics for the corrupt Liberal Party of BC is over, Mr. Coleman will likely have a nice IOC job lined up for himself, for services rendered to that sinister bunch of international hoodlums. 

Frankly, Mr. Coleman’s porcine features and horribly distended belly make him the unwitting poster boy for the gangsta style of these creepy totalitarian ‘Games’ pushers.

Meanwhile, his Fascistic Prime Minister was in the Leg today, lecturing the majority of Canadians who neither approve of the profligacy of his minority government’s spending on these foolish Games, nor on the equally unethical and unjust war in Afghanistan, lecturing us, mind you, while Parliament in Ottawa is conveniently prorogued, on the need to be more uncharacteristically demonstrative as Canadian patriots, to support the troops in Kandahar and the Games in Vancouver and Whistler.

 Is that a suggestion, a duty or an order, sir?

Thus, the true link between decadent militarism, fiscal irresponsibility, and ‘Olympic’ sports used in a pseudo-mystical cult manner as a bread-and-circus diversion from the growing national unemployment and homelessness problem, is shown incarnated in these two emblematic men with their porcine and frankly obese profiles.

The ‘Conservative’ Prime Minister and his ‘BC Liberal’ Minister are thus nothing more than poster boys for Gringo Imperialistic aggression, pseudo-mystical ‘Olympic’-Masonic cult rituals, and raw-raw jingoistic propaganda linking pride with patriotism, war with sports,  ‘freedom’ with the ‘free market system,’ ‘security’ with constant paranoia of terrorism,  and all in the ‘Best Place on Earth.’

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor



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