Keith Dagg on Capital Regional District sewage project: ‘A referendum would stop it’

As I think about the way the citizens of Victoria overwhelmingly threw out the proposal to borrow money for Blue Bridge replacement when they had a chance, I keep thinking about what would happen if they were asked about the sewage plan.

The Capital Regional District is about to spend between $1 billion and $2 billion on a project because the provincial government told it to.

I’ve been to many meetings where knowledgeable people have said that we do not need it; you’d think someone might think about asking the taxpayers.

A referendum would stop it.

With the current economy and the state of homelessness, could the politicians please wake up and ask the people what they want.

The fear of people coming to the Olympics and thinking we are dumping raw sewage in the ocean (which we are not) is now past.

Give the people a vote.


Keith Dagg



CCC BLOG reprint:

Victoria Times Colonist:

Public needs vote on sewage project

Friday, February 5, 2010




2 Responses to Keith Dagg on Capital Regional District sewage project: ‘A referendum would stop it’

  1. John says:


    Giving the opportunity for CRD voters to have a direct democratic voice on additional sewage treatment now is important, but the larger principle that absolutely demands a referendum now is that in the last opportunity to vote on this issue in 1992, CRD voters turned down additional sewage treatment.

    The CRD Board really cannot say no to a referendum on financing additional sewage treatment, in spite of their bleating that since Minister Penner is making them buy this sewage project, a referendum wouldn’t be important.

    Since the people turned it down before, its even MORE important to obtain their assent through direct democracy of a referendum before proceeding.

  2. John Newcomb says:

    Mayor Desjardins:

    Re: McLoughlin Point as sewage plant site.

    Esquimalt Council can challenge the choice of McLoughlin Point as sewage plant site by passing a resolution demanding that Environment Minister Penner reconsider his decision to allow the project to go ahead without the benefit of a full environmental impact assessment under the BC Environmental Assessment Act.

    Currently, the project falls under the BC Municipal Sewage Regulations – a VERY inadequate process given the expected environmental, social and economic impacts on our community. Also, because the project doesn’t fall under the BC Environmental Management Act, the Penner decision to allow Amendment 8 cannot be appealed to the BC Environmental Appeal Board.

    However, a resolution of Esquimalt Council demanding that the CRD sewage project be “opted-in” to the more rigorous environmental assessment act would certainly show Esquimalt residents and McLoughlin Point neighbours that Esquimalt Council is leaving no stone unturned in this issue.

    John Newcomb

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