Linda Rogers, Victoria Poet Laureate, is ‘100 per cent supportive’ of convicted killer Robert Latimer



In an amazingly revealing letter to the Editor of the Victoria Times Colonist daily newspaper this morning, Victoria’s official poet laureate says she supports convicted killer Robert Latimer, and has visited the inmate incarcerated at William Head prison, where they ’embraced in the canteen.’

Ostensibly, the letter (which is found in the top left hand corner of the COMMENTS section on page A13 of the Thursday, January 28, 2010 edition of the TC) was meant to protest against an unfavourable book review that upset the poet.

‘What bothers me is the inference by the writer that I judge men.

‘I do not judge men in particular.

‘I judge mankind for its failures of compassion and mercy.

‘I also celebrate evidence of grace.

‘What infuriates me is the inference that I am unsympathetic to Robert Latimer…

‘I am 100 per cent supportive of Latimer.

‘The day I wrote the poem What is Done, we had embraced in the canteen at William Head after I told him I hoped that my sharing his pain would lighten his load.’

Robert Latimer killed his own daughter and in doing so, did not exhibit evidence of grace, compassion or mercy, contrary to what Linda Rogers imagines.

He tried to use a bogus plea of so-called ‘mercy killing’ as a defence against the charge of premeditated homicide.

By ‘supporting’ this convicted killer in this manner, Linda Rogers has revealed herself to be contemptuous of  the ancient traditional Natural Law against such killing, and her support for euthanasia, far from being compassionate and merciful, is nothing more than politically correct mushy sentimentalism.

Linda Rogers is now free as a citizen of Canada enjoying the rights and responsibilities of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to hold views contrary to those held by most people for centuries before this country was even invented, but she should refrain from identifying herself as the Poet Laureate of Victoria when she does, because she certainly does not represent this citizen of Victoria in so doing, nor, I venture, does she speak for the majority of Victorians who want the Canadian law on homicide left unchanged, and Mr. Latimer to remain incarcerated for killing his own defenceless daughter.

I will leave it up to readers of the CCC BLOG  to determine for themselves whether the City of Victoria is well served by having a Poet Laureate who ’embraces’ a convict who killed his own daughter.


[For links to the original review by Camosun College professor of English Candace Fertile, entitled ‘New collection from Victoria Poet Laureate could have left a little more to the imagination,’ published January 17 in the Times Colonist; Qualicum Beach writer Stewart Webb‘s subsequent letter ‘Latimer’s crime a mercy killing,’ cited by Linda Rogers and also published in the Times Colonist on January 24; and Linda Rogers’ ranting letter to the Editor of that same paper, published today under the title ‘Poetry book reviewer’s claims were off-base,’ please refer to the Comments section below.] 


Gregory Hartnell, Editor



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