Gordon McAllister: Victoria City ‘Council did not receive a mandate from voters to increase City debt by $42 million’



The replacement of the Blue Bridge was not in any candidate’s platform in the 2008 municipal election.

The Council did not receive a mandate from voters to increase City debt by $42 million.

Without a public mandate, Council has made an undemocratic decision.

Council and City management made a myopic management decision to replace the bridge despite the absence of a regional transportation plan.

In turn, there is no regional transportation plan because the proper use of land has been neglected in Victoria for two decades.

Hence, the City management culture has evolved from long-range planning to ad-hoc planning.

That is why pop-up bridge projects and hundreds of site-specific zonings have priority, supported with huge financial resources, over replacing, at a fragment of the cost, archaic City management systems.

Absent a culture change, ad-hoc decisions will continue to be made until priority is given to replacing the City’s dysfunctional land-use management system.

Four characteristics make the system dysfunctional.

The Official Community Plan was last updated in 1995.

Neighbourhood plans are two decades old and have not been adopted by bylaw.

Generic zoning bylaws are a quarter-century old.

The current system is a complex, cumbersome and labour-intensive manual system that predates the advent of information technology.

The upcoming Council decision on the extraordinary contribution to public service provided by the http://www.johnsonstreetbridge.org campaign volunteers will determine if this is the beginning of a management culture change, or business as usual.

Gordon McAllister



CCC BLOG reprint:

Victoria Times Colonist: timescolonist.com

City needs new land-use approach

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Page A11




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