VICTORIA CITY COUNCILLOR PHILIPPE LUCAS: Johnson Street Bridge, homelessness, ‘harm reduction’, other issues on 2011 ballot?

Green politician muses on democratic message of petition victory

during CFAX interview with Murray Langdon


This is the voice of a remarkably chipper fellow is the only way to describe the mental impression made by the sound of Victoria City Councillor Philippe Lucas‘s voice as he was interviewed this afternoon by a chastened CFAX 1070 AM Radio News host Murray Langdon.

One of the majority of eight Victoria City Councillors who were ‘chastised,’ as Councillor John Luton put it, by the results of the Alternative Approval Process (AAP) unnecessarily forced on Victorians by his own actions and those of his fellow pro-demolition Councillors, Mr. Lucas sounded annoyingly upbeat for someone whose whole agenda has been completely rejected by a larger cohort of Victoria’s eligible voters than the number that elected him. 

He mused in a stream-of-consciousness fashion on the significance of the Johnson Street Bridge AAP petition results with his host, who had to admit, that he too had initially supported the pro-replacement Council, and doubted that would garner the required number of signatures. 

To his credit, Councillor Lucas now seems open to the idea of a referendum on this, and a number of other unrelated issues, and even allows that the preliminary public consultation and further study that Council will now be able to do may very well delay the referendum until 2011, year of the next municipal election.

He seemed open to the idea, in other words, of conjoining the two exercises, something I have advocated for a number of months, and most recently in a letter to the Editor of the Times Colonist, printed December 31, 2009, and reprinted here at the CCC BLOG.

After the interview with the Green Party Councillor, Murray Langdon interviewed Ross Crockford, representing the victorious citizens’ petition-gathering group, who said that he personally wanted to save the Johnson Street Bridge, but that he would be able to live with any result delivered to the City of Victoria by its voters after a proper referendum.

[For a link to the latest CFAX Radio News story on this issue, please refer to the Comments section below.]

[A link to that last letter of the year to be printed in the monopoly daily on the subject of the threatened Joseph Strauss-designed bascule bridge is also found in the Comments section below, as is the reprint here in the CCC BLOG.] 

– Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor



9 Responses to VICTORIA CITY COUNCILLOR PHILIPPE LUCAS: Johnson Street Bridge, homelessness, ‘harm reduction’, other issues on 2011 ballot?

  1. Michael Hansen says:

    I interpret for the present, Lucas’ above comments as early rhetoric looking to hold on to office, and still no reason to trust him not to do an about face and then rationalize that when the time is ripe.

  2. goyodelarosa says:

    I share your skepticism about Victoria City Councillor Philippe Lucas’s ultimate motives, however, I do note that Councillor Young, who spoke after Mr. Lucas, took pains to find points in common with him.

    Let’s hope that Mr. Lucas’s newfound enthusiasm for new information about alternatives to replacement of the Johnson Street Bridge isn’t just a passing fancy.

  3. Wayne Olfrey says:

    Move all the squatters to your home Philippe. Taxpayers should not be on the hook for this farce. I work and I pay my own way. These lazy parasites should not be allowed to camp out in Centennial Square. Free water, free food, free needles, free rent, what a joke this city is. Now the city wants to provide generators come on get serious. I have lived in Victoria for over 50 years and the city has never looked so bad. Graffiti everywhere, urine and feces everywhere, and used needles everywhere what a sad sight to behold. The reason these lazy parasites are drawn to Victoria is obvious. Victoria is one of the only places in the world where you do not have to work. The city offers free food, free clothing, free medical, free dental and soon free crack pipes. The biggest parasite is David Johnston. A complete financial drain on the taxpayers. Then there is David Shebib has a roof over his head paid for by the welfare bums that live with him yet still sets up a tent just for the attention. What a piece of work. The only companies making money in this town are those who install fences and gates to protect their property and those who print For Lease signs.
    Will the protest change anything NO! The protesters will still remain unemployed and continue to suck every last cent out of the working taxpayer

  4. not wayne olfrey says:

    The comments posted on this forum and repeated on craigslist were not sent by Wayne Olfrey. I know Wayne Olfrey and I talked to Wayne Olfrey on Saturday November 5, 2011. Wayne confirmed that the comments were not made by him. This site should verify who is making these comments before printing them.

  5. who cares says:

    The names used on this site have not been verified. This site should check the facts before printing the comments. Anyone can use an alias. It’s to bad that someone can write anything they want and then sign someone elses name to the comment. What else is not factual on this site?

    • goyodelarosa says:

      If Mr. Olfrey has some concerns, he is welcome to express them here.

      I don’t know who he is, nor do I know who you are, nor am I about to go snooping into the identities of commentators with whom you may not agree.

      Free speech is the order of the day here, protected by the Canadian Charter, in case you didn’t notice.

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