ROSS CROCKFORD: ‘has submitted more than 9,000’ signed petitions to Victoria City Hall for a JOHNSON STREET BRIDGE REFERENDUM






Victoria voters want a referendum on the fate of the Johnson Street Bridge, or, to be more precise, ‘more than 9,000’ of Victoria’s eligible voters have signed an ‘elector response form’ in the City of Victoria-initiated ‘Alternative Approval Process,’  effectively calling into question the City of Victoria’s ill-conceived plan to borrow $42,000,000 to demolish and replace the Johnson Street Bridge, according to Ross Crockford, one of the three original co-directors of

Mr. Crockford was quoted in a CFAX News Radio story apparently written by Frank Stanford on January 4, 2009, entitled ‘Anti-borrowing lobby claims success.’

Still more signatures are found on petition forms sent or dropped off to City Hall on Pandora Avenue in downtown Victoria.

The Victoria City Council is expected to deal with the final petition count numbers and their implications on Thursday at a special 12:00 noon meeting, JANUARY 7, 2009.

[Links to Mr. Stanford’s news article at the CFAX website, along with five other related items, are found in the Comments section below.

1. Victoria’s iconic blue bridge get’s reprieve, Brennan Clarke, Globe and Mail, January 4, 2009.

2. Comments at

3.  End of Alternative Approval Process… Special Council Meeting, 12:00 Noon, Thursday, July 7, Victoria City Hall Council Chamber,

4.  Johnson Street Bridge funding (including counter – petition), Vibrant Victoria forum.

5.  Prospects grim for $42-million bridge loan, Roszan Holmen, January 4, Victoria News.] 

– Gregory Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition




7 Responses to ROSS CROCKFORD: ‘has submitted more than 9,000’ signed petitions to Victoria City Hall for a JOHNSON STREET BRIDGE REFERENDUM

  1. albe says:

    Why not reservethe present bridge for cyclists and pedestrians,expand Bay St. bridge with a cantilevered walk gang way, allow four lanes traffic, a good way to Selkirk / goose routes.
    Front St. couldbe extended to Bridge /Bay intersect via small fixed bridge over the gap formed by Rock Bay .
    I can clearly see from Blue Bridge the Bay Bridge . Should I bill for this idea? Ask mmm.

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