JOHNSONSTREETBRIDGE.ORG: ‘A well-organized, well-funded protest group hoping to force a referendum’



IT’S LONG BEEN KNOWN the Johnson Street Bridge needed work, but the problem took centre stage in April when a condition assessment revealed immediate need for major upgrades.

There’s a 35 per cent chance that the bridge, in its current state, will collapse in an earthquake over the next 50 years, the report concluded.

Council sprang into action, partly due to the three-year deadline recommended by engineering firm Delcan, and partly to meet the deadline for a federal stimulus grant worth two-thirds of the project cost.

Within two weeks of receiving the report, Council voted to replace the bridge for a projected $63 million plus the cost to revamp the approaches on either side of the bridge.

The option to renovate, estimated at $25 million to $30 million, wouldn’t provide the same opportunities for cycling and pedestrian bath improvements, Councillors reasoned.

It would also cause greater traffic disturbance during construction.

A few voices of opposition sprang up immediately and have grown to a well-organized, well-funded protest group hoping to force a referendum.

More than nine months after Council’s original decision, the matter is far from resolved.


CCC BLOG reprint:

Victoria News:

The top news stories of APRIL 2009

Page A5 : December 30, 2009


Victoria News:


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