Yesterday I got an unexpected telephone call from a friendly stranger, Mrs. Herbert H. Kwan, architect and wife of well-known Chinatown architect Herbert H. Kwan, asking if someone could please come down to their Herald Street offices to pick up some signed ‘Elector Response Forms’ for the so-called ‘Alternative Approval Process’ on the future of the Johnson Street Bridge.

I had a short and pleasant telephone conversation with this lady, but I regret I was not able to meet her personally when I arrived not long afterwards at their downtown office.

However, I did have the pleasure of meeting her distinguished husband Herbert, who asked how the campaign was going.

I told him that Ross Crockford and a contingent of volunteers (including 2008 Victoria Mayoral candidate Hugh Kruzel) went to City Hall yesterday with a number of Christmas packages for the present Mayor and Council, containing 5,000 signed signatures.

I expressed my hopeful confidence that we would win, needing about 1,340 more signatures to be signed between now and the deadline of the 4th of January, 2010, or, about 100 a day.

Before leaving, I told Mr. Kwan that I kept a blog (Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog:, and asked his permission to publicize their support for the referendum on the Johnson Street Bridge.

It is particularly gratifying to me that these architectural professionals, and others involved in the architectural, construction and engineering industries (such as University of Victoria Dean Emeritus of Engineering Eric G. Manning), are now coming out publicly to express their grave concerns about the fate of our very own ‘Joseph Strauss Bridge.’

Thanks to all who have signed the petition, and please think hard about other individuals who might be interested in also signing.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition



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