Ingmar Lee scoffs at Tzeporah Berman awarding ‘green’ award to Herr Gordo von Kampbell

After being charged with mischief again, Ingmar Lee deftly turned attention away from his latest stunt at the leg, to condemn the recent awarding by former Clayoquot spokeswoman Tzeporah Berman of some sort of  phoney Copenhagen ‘green’ award to British Columbia’s clearcuttin’ Premier Gordon Campbell.

As  I believe that all three of us, that is to say, Mr. Lee, Ms. Berman and I, are all individuals who have been arrested in defence of old growth forests, and particularly at Clayoquot Sound, I have a longstanding interest in the careers of any individuals associated with the Clayoquot Mass Trials, and in the ongoing conservation history of the Clayoquot Sound, and indeed, all of what was once known as ‘Quadra’s and Vancouver’s Island’.

As a fellow arrestee, I have a deep and abiding sympathy for all those who have made resort to Gandhian non-violent civil disobedience, are contemplating doing so, or are about to do it for the public good.

I also admire those who have the ability of speaking, as they say, ‘truth to power.’

Ms. Berman’s awarding of the award to Mr. Campbell was indeed an event that deserves to be deplored, whether she did it on behalf of some ‘eco’ foundation or other, or on her own volition.

Ms. Berman owes some sort of explanation for this egregious deed, indeed, a retraction of the award, and an apology would more properly be in order.

For a link to the statement by the daring Mr. Lee, please refer to the Comments section below.


– Gregory Hartnell, President

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition



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