Mr. Dean Fortin, the increasingly dictatorial and manic socialist mayor of Victoria and four of his stubborn pro-demolition cohort on the Victoria City Council attacked Councillor Geoff Young’s last motion seeking more refurbishment information, cancellation of the ongoing Alternative Approval Process and a referendum on the Johnson Street Bridge on the last Thursday meeting of the Victoria City Council, December 10, 2009.

While Councillor Young was introducing his motion, the Mayor rudely interupted him (as is his obnoxious habit), challenging Mr. Young for what he suggested was his language that impugned the reputations of the staff and other engineers who are associated with the ‘replacement project’. 

Not losing a beat, Mr. Young read from a City of Victoria information graph comparing costs of the two options, suggesting not a single item of about a dozen was adequate because of skewed or absent information.

That upset seven year veteran Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe who worried about her own reputation being impugned by Mr. Young’s suggestion that the City of Victoria was distributing false or misleading information about the bridge replacement project, which she supports.

It was clear, however, that Ms. Thornton-Joe was not sympathetic with Mr. Young’s implicit disparagement of her and her fellow Councillor’s abilities to discern between the pro-repair message and its messenger. 

As the pro-repair message comes from this veteran Councillor who most of them apparently disrespect, they dismiss his cautious and plodding manner of doing the public’s business, and thus, do not give him and his constituency the benefit of the doubt.

Councillor Young is treated with the same kind of contempt by most of his fellow Victoria City Councillors for his skepticism of the replacement option for the Johnson Street Bridge as if he was a climate change denier at Copenhagen.

The only exceptions to this general rule are Councillors Pam Madoff and Chris Coleman who have both seconded Councillor Young’s motions recently pertaining to holding the so-called ‘counter petition’ and the seeking of further information for the repair option.

Councillor Madoff, to her credit, was skeptical of the use of the AAP and wanted to go to referendum directly.  

Councillor Coleman was absent for that vote, but seconded the motion on December 10 for further repair information, denying that in doing so he would endanger the AAP which he encouraged petitioners to continue.

By so doing, Mr. Coleman inched himself closer from a position of apparent neutrality to one closer in sympathy and temper with that of Mr. Young.

Councillor Sonya Chandler was completely condescending in her tone and remarks directed to Councillor Young, suggesting that ‘these procedures’ have a long history of use in this land, suggesting he should get used to them.

She was referring, apparently, to the concurrent and seriously flawed ‘Alternative Approval Process’ initiated by the City of Victoria.

The implicit disrespect of these remarks of a junior Councillor to the long life of public service of Mr. Young, who seems to have been on Council forever, was remarkably audacious and rude, in my humble estimation.

She also expressed concern, as she has done in the past, about the need for Councillors to be informed of any increased costs associated with staff being instructed to seek extra information still sought by Councillor Young and others.

Councillor John Luton seemed testy and defensive in his short but terse remarks, disparaging Councillor Young as coming back to the Council ‘over and over again seeking the same information that we were all given long ago.’

 He said he is not going to change his mind, and referred to ‘potentially ruinous costs’ associated with the repair option. 

The most vicious of all of the attacks against Councillor Young’s motion came from Councillor Lynn Hunter who said she is ‘firmly opposed to a referendum.’  

She called this referendum an ‘affront to democracy,’ and wondered ‘where does the use of referenda stop?’

She worried that the increased use of referenda would make ‘working elected representatives’ like herself ‘obsolete.’

‘We were the ones that were selected in the election.’

On the issue of social housing of the homeless, she had the audacity to attack petitioners for the reparation of the Johnson Street Bridge, asking rhetorically, ‘where were the people standing on the streets for that issue?’

She pretends, somehow, that by voting for the Johnson Street Bridge to be demolished and replaced, that she is somehow fulfilling the mandate of the people who elected her last fall to attend to the needs of the homeless.

But she doesn’t bother to tell us how she does this miraculous hat trick.

For videos of this nonsense, please refer to the comments section below for links to two YouTube videos by Mat Wright of


– Gregory Hartnell, Editor

Concerned Citizens’ Coalition Weblog





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