CHRIS NELLES, Spiral Cafe’s ‘Literary Tuesdays’ co-ordinator, author of ‘muse candy,’ signs petition for JOHNSON STREET BRIDGE REFERENDUM

Chris Nelles, a married father, author of ‘muse candy,’ a self-published book of poetry, and c0-organizer with Anthony M. Knight of the literary Tuesday evenings at the Spiral Cafe,  has signed the ‘counter petition’ to have a referendum on the fate of the endangered Johnson Street Bridge.

Mr. Nelles, also known as Duane or ‘D.C.’ Nelles, is a resident of the Craigflower Road neighbourhood,  is also well known as being an advocate for the street youth of Victoria.

The historic Johnson Street Bridge counter petition-signing activity is ongoing and is happening all over Victoria.

Look for volunteers with the blue vests emblazoned with the legend:


In this case, Mr. Nelles’ signing was witnessed by two Concerned Citizens’ Coalition (CCC) former Victoria City Councillor Candidates, John David Burke (‘David Jure’) and Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell (‘Goyo de la Rosa’), President of the CCC, and Editor of the CCC BLOG and LA ROSA.

Mr. Nelles signed the Johnson Street Bridge referendum petition just after noon on the sunny terrace of the Mocha House in the Cook Street Village.

‘Goyo de la Rosa’

Victoria, Editor




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