BETTY GIBBENS ON BEACON HILL PARK: ‘Make park more accommodating; close roads to traffic + plant grass instead’



Instead of changing the roads at Beacon Hill Park to accommodate vehicles, why not green them?

A plan is being prepared to which the public has been invited to contribute.

Staff mentioned traffic calming, speed bumps and roundabouts.

One has only to visit Vancouver’s Stanley Park during the summer to notice the adverse effects of increasing population and traffic.

Wear and tear from overuse is also damaging Beacon Hill Park, but this problem is solvable.

The park is not so large that pedestrians cannot walk throughout without a vehicle.

Make the park more accommodating; close the roads to traffic and plant grass instead.

Post signs at the entrance rather than litter them throughout.

There are parking lots downtown and public transit buses stop nearby.

The ugly areas covered with gravel that result from vehicles parked on grass do nothing to preserve the park’s character.

Replant roads and paths with health-giving, oxygen-providing grass.

Block vehicle access by growing hedges, trees, plants and grass at the entrances.

A single side-by-side entrance and exit could be available for the disabled.

This will result in a healthier, safer and more pleasant park and be a much-needed step toward reducing global warming.


Betty Gibbens



CCC BLOG reprint:

Victoria Times Colonist:

Ban vehicles from park

Tuesday, December 8, 2007

Page A13



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